The Cousin Returns – e20

The Square in Woodridge was a sea of mud. Wagons and buggies, mired to the hub, crept sluggishly. Horses and mules, flat-eared and streaming, stood resignedly at hitching posts. The host spell had broken with an equinoctial storm. It had rained for a week.

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CAST for Episode 20

Valerie Moss (Narrator & Producer)

Kylee Morgan (Judith Amory)

Rafe Telsch (Richard Tomlinson)

London Moss (Thorne aka Cricket)

Sam Sprunger (Jesse Moffat)

Carole Senn (Ms. Ann Tomlinson)

Garret Odle (Will Tomlinson)

Jack Rhysider (Otis Huse)

Joseph Muranyi Jr. (Henry Shook)

David Boisvert (Lucious Goff)

Raine Cruz (Abagail)

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