Kylee Morgan (Judith Amory)

Hi, my name is Kylee and I play the role of Judith Amory. One could say I’m your average dog mom, cooking obsessed, homebody. However, I decided to surprise everyone and have a small video game addiction, a love for true-crime podcasting, and a need to spend a lot of money on tattoos. I love being able to be creative in any aspect of life and hope to make my lifetime career in the medical field. Professional Kylee is a driven and motivated health sciences student at Indiana University. She has 10+ years of experience in graphic design as well as restaurant hospitality, real estate, event coordinating.

Kylee is a co-host in her new podcast, Cryptic Soup; A true-crime podcast with her best friend, Thena. You can find her new podcast and info about what other projects she’s involved in at:

Kylee Morgan

Website @ KingMarketingByKylee

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Instagram @ Kylee Morgan

Podcast @ Cryptic Soup

here’s a brief of the Cryptic Soup Podcast with Kylee and Athena