“I love how the different voices add dimension to the story.”

~ J. Reeves

“I love the music and sounds effects.”

~ Janice

“First, what a magnificent achievement to have conceived of this project, organized it and put all of these parts together. Your boundless energy put me in awe.”

~ David S.

“It sounds great! I love all the different voices. Great Job!”

~ RonaLafae Hoot

“From the opening sounds of a jazz saxophone, that reminded me of a Cowboy Bebop or a film noir soundtrack, I knew I was in for a good ride & I was not disappointed!”

~ Tom

“The incidental music and effects added a nice touch to the performance and story that could stand alone…”

~ T. Ivicevich, fellow Audiobook Narrator

“I love how the Act 1 Scene 1 Open Spaces scene from MacBeth – it took me inside the theatre.”

~ JR

“Technically, I feel that the merging of the different voices was accomplished flalessly, and they match the characters well…”

~ Tom Ivicevich (fellow, Audiobook Narrator)

“I do like your teasers…and they should be effective in attracting listeners. And your London is terrific!”

~ D.S.

“The music and the addition of other voices made the story way more captivating.”

~ Lana

“Those chapters seemed shorter, I am totally enjoying the book & need more chapters!”

~ Auntie

“I found this to be a very engaging podcast about a young women years ahead of her time, who meets a stranger at Macbeth. The mystery of their future makes me eager to hear the next episode.”

~ T. I.