David Boisvert (Lucious Goff +2)

Hello, my name is David Boisvert, I’m a musician who currently resides in the Nashville, Tennessee area, I’m a saxophonist, keyboard-is and a vocalist in 3 bands that play in and around Nashville, as well as the SouthEast US and have session recorded for a variety of local artists. It was my pleasure to record Rock of Ages & Praise God from whom all Blessings Flow on piano. I performed the character of Lucious Goff as well as Misc Man in the final episode. I’m pleased to say that Valerie is my cousin and I’m so proud of her for producing Valerie’s Variety Podcast as well as her audio books. I’m grateful to be part of this project and I hope you have enjoyed listening as much as I have. You can find me at:

David Boisvert

Instaram @ dbsaxmusic

Facebook @ David Boisvert