Ava Eames (Cousin Lutie)

Hi everybody, I’m Ava Eames or some will know me as V. Passmore, Ava is my pseudonym, I’m an audiobook narrator and producer. I am also a voice over talent, but seriously I work in a professionally built studio here in my home in Wakefield, Quebec a little town outside of Wakefield, Ontario, The capital of Canada. Most who know me, know I’m a sort of ‘Jane of All Trades’ I have so much fun with so many things…let me see I’m an aspiring author, a painter, costume-er, I love modelling, photography, headers and hat-maker even an avid Steam Punk mmm but I think one of my biggest passions is being in the booth here with you, creating characters (like Cousin Lutie and Pennsylvania Women) and bringing them alive…

Vanessa Passmore

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