all 24 of us Cast

TOP ROW (Left to Right)

Peggy Davis as Millie

Matt Senn as Doc Baird

Jack Rhysider as Otis Huse

James Seabrook as Dr. Caxton

Rod Lechelt as Brother Jameson the Pastor & John Barclay

Carole Senn as Ms. Ann Tomlinson

Joseph Muranyi Jr as Henry Shook & Peter

Zane Telsch as the boys Ricky & Rodgie

Angele Black as Bishops Widow & Martha Shook & Ellie Barclay & Jane Mitchell & Jenny Barclay & Mrs. Prewitt & Nancy Turner

Jason Schnell as Background Bible Readings & The Drummer, Salesman

MIDDLE ROW (Left to Right)

Jen Davis as Kate Turner & Misc Female

Adam Abrams as Old Judge Shane, Twins from Bridgeport & Gatekeeper & Jimmy Turner

Jack Hewson as Mitch Rucker, Mr. Witherspoon & Pennsylvania Man

Kyle Marshall as Peter McGraw & Alec Mitchell

Jeff Moss as Restaurant Owner & Chapter Titles

David Boisvert as Lucious Goff & Misc Male & Piano man

Garret Odle as Will Tomlinson, Sentinel Editor, Mr. Fairchild

Ava Eames as Cousin Lutie

Sam Sprunger as Jessie Moffat & Misc Male

BOTTOM ROW (Left to Right)

Raine Cruz as Abagail Tomlinson

Rafe Telsch as Richard Tomlinson

Valerie Moss, me as Narrator and Producer

London Moss as Thorne aka Cricket

Kylee Morgan as Judith Amory