Twattle Baskets – e8

Jessie Moffat’s tongue could not be bridled. Before sundown of the next day every man, woman and child from Timberley to Woodridge had heard of the mysterious death of Henry Shook’s cow and how Thorne Tomlinson had drawn milk from a cucumber named Flossie. They had learned about a doll she had made and dressed in a scrap of Abigail Tomlinson’s wrapper. They heard how the sick women had been seized with a violent illness when she discovered pins stuck into the doll’s body.

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CAST for Episode 8

Valerie Moss (Narrator & Producer)

Carole Senn (Ms. Ann Tomlinson)

Sam Sprunger (Jesse Moffat)

Kylee Morgan (Judith Amory)

David Boisvert (Lucious Goff)

Rafe Telsch (Richard Tomlinson)

Zane Telsch (Ricky & Rodgie Tomlinson)

Peggy Davis (Millie)

Kyle Marshall (Peter McGraw)

London Moss (Thorne aka Cricket)

Garret Odle (Will Tomlinson)

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