My Wife is an Invalid – e1

Candles were still used to light one to bed; kerosene lamps still exploded. Stagecoaches made six miles an hour and one traveled by rail at the risk of one’s neck. Gentlemen wore greatcoats instead of overcoats, and male quartets sang ” The Drummer Boy of Shiloh.” Hoops were going out, bustles were not yet in, but ladies achieved quite as telling effect with tight lacing and layers of petticoats. The war referred to in conversation was not World War II.

This is episode 1 of the ProjectDFPodcast, My Wife is an invalid…

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Cast from This Episode:

Valerie Moss as Narrator & Producer

Kylee Morgan as Judith Amory

Rafe Telsch as Richard Tomlinson


I Dreamt I Dwelt in Marble Halls / Balfe: Instrumental /. Soprano is by Singer Buddy en Espanol on You Tube – thank you for permission to use your incredible music.


The opening scene of Macbeth by Orson Welles from You Tube for this opening scene chapter and the meeting between Judith and Richard.

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