Revelations Ensued – e22

From an upstairs window Judith watched Otis Huse drive away and knew that her hope in the quarter had failed. He had spent a night at Timberley; he had witnessed her discomfiture, but he had not come to her support. If this shrewd, not disinterested attorney had failed to see anything on which to base an accusation of Thorne, there was nothing left to Judith but her fear.

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CAST for Episode 22

Valerie Moss (Narrator & Producer)

Kylee Morgan (Judith Amory)

Rafe Telsch (Richard Tomlinson)

London Moss (Thorne aka Cricket)

Carole Senn (Ms. Ann Tomlinson)

Peggy Davis (Millie)

James Seabrook (Dr. Caxton)

Matt Senn (Doc Baird)

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