Or Was it Debris – e15

It was the prettiest wedding even seen in Woods County (so the Woodridge Sentinel reported), and the prettiest things in the wedding was Thorne (which the Sentinel did not report). From the moment Judith saw her in the tulle dress she realized it has been a mistake to dress Thorne up. With her curls caught in a band of pink ribbon and a little flower basket on her arm, she looked like one of her own roses. No doubt it was her old training in stagecraft that taught her to walk with that slow poised grace. But as she moved down the stairs ahead of the bridge, the eyes of the guests fastened on the flower girl and went no farther. Judith was in an ill frame of mind by the time she reached the altar.

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CAST for Episode 15

Valerie Moss (Narrator & Producer)

Adam Abrams (Cast of 3)

Ava Eames (Cousin Lutie)

Kylee Morgan (Judith Amory)

Carole Senn (Ms. Ann Tomlinson)

Dave Boisvert (Lucious Geoff)

Garret Odle (Will Tomlinson)

James Seabrook (Doc Caxton)

Peggy Davis (Millie)

Rafe Telsch (Richard Tomlinson)

London Moss (Thorne aka Cricket)

Sam Springer (Jesse Moffat)

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